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Click on the videos below to learn more about the family-changing opportunity doTERRA offers to set your family on the path to financial and time freedom for your family and your dreams!


3 Steps to launch your family on the path to health, financial and time freedom!

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Exceptional Product Education

You will be trained by world-class essential oil users, doctors, researchers, practitioners and mama’s with countless years of personal experience in caring for their families. Learn about our team offerings and dive in with us by diving into Oil Camp - 10 days of introductory education to get you up and running fast. Once you are versed in the basics unpack the life of essential oils with ongoing weekly classes, private learning groups and text to learn services. You will be the healer in your home, practice or professional space with ease and passion.

Powerful Team Support

dōTERRA operates around the world changing lives and impacting countless lives. Nonetheless, because of the structure and nature of this company you are going to want to link arms with us for more personal, faithful and professional support. Our leadership team is unparalleled in the dōTERRA world and I can’t wait to introduce you to the wonderful leadership team that supports you once you are apart of our team. For the sake of using oils, sharing oils or building a business, our team of leaders will be there with you ever step of the way to help you succeed.


doVESTMENT Strategy for Fast Restuls

A very unique and important strategy to ensuring success as a dōTERRA business owner, this formation maximizes your potential to build a financially viable business with dōTERRA quickly and sustainably. Whether you are a family seeking financial stability or a health and wellness practitioner seeking an investment path that supports the mission and efforts you already employ, you will want to schedule a call right away to learn more about our dōVESTMENT strategy that will take the traditional dōTERRA model to a whole new level of success.

 Do you want to be in control of your family’s 



 Time together?


As a Catholic Mom Life Coach I specialize in healing the obstacles to combining faithful living and entrepreneurial success.

Leveraging my experience as a

  • high-level highly decorated athlete

  • a lifetime of entrepreneurship from within the  home

  • dedication to praying and living the rosary 

  • over 15 years in Catholic family ministry

  • years of holistic training, study and coaching

I help families create a successful path to hope, health and freedom.

The Lord wants you to multiply your talents and live a thriving life.