I was in line to get a script for one my kiddos who was down and out and a dear Christian friend of mine suggested that I add oregano oil to my arsenal of tools to care for my family.  She invited me to a class. In my brilliance, I decided to grab the few bottles of bargain brand oils out of my cupboard and explore their use the night before going to the class.  I dropped those oils on an eye pillow before bed thinking they would be enjoyable and relaxing.  In the middle of the night, unbeknownst to me, I rolled onto the eye pillow and got oils in my eyes. 

I woke up with my eyes burning and proceeded, at 3AM, to run into the shower and try and rinse out the oils, which only made it worse.  Needless to say, I showed up to my first oil class with blood shot eyes and some serious doubt as to how oils could support my family.  I sure was convinced that they were no joke though and that oils shouldn’t be taken lightly!! I didn’t need a potency explanation, but I needed a guide, education and support.



Have you ever wanted to learn about essential oils?

Do you wonder what the craze is all about?

Does it seem a bit overwhelming?

Thats how I felt.


If you’re like me, doing things just because others are, just doesn’t cut it.  I want to know the why behind things and I want to discover the truth.  

Unfortunately, combine the mayhem of the internet and the vast array of essential oil chatter out there and you have yourself a maze that is not easy to navigate.

Finding information that can be trusted, protocols that are safe, oils that are pure, support that is real, science that is grounded, a business model that is not a pyramid scheme but can offer true benefits, an affordable way to get them and a mentor that is not whacked out on New Age nonsense, is a daunting task!! 

Trust me – I have been there done that!!! Beginning with that first class (where I was lovingly greeted at the door with coconut oil to massage into my eyes), I began asking questions. I have not stopped since!

For the last 5 years I have studied, become a Certified Essential Oil Health Coach, received Aromatouch certification, used oils extensively on my kids, during pregnancy, with babies, worked with doctors, nurses, midwives, chiropractors, massage therapists, and thousands of other people  helping them to find the right solutions.

I am loving the pathway to health, happiness and hope that has been given to me and my family through the oils. Peter finds amazing respiratory support and uses oils daily for focus as he studies, writes and contemplates lofty things. The kids use the oils to soothe bug bites and bumped noggins and middle of the night leg aches. I use them to clean, beautify my skin, support immunity, and refresh me when I am feeling uptight.

Additionally, I have sought to find the right place that oils fit into the wellness lifestyle of Catholic Christians.

I am excited to share with you a simple place to explore, for yourself, what I have discovered so that you can discern if dōTERRA oils are the right solution for you.