Frequently Asked Questions

If you have ever pinched basil, cilantro or mint between your fingers and then taken in the fresh aroma, you have experienced essential oils.  The volital aromatic compounds are where the power lies. Basicly, essential oils are the plants aromatic properties distilled for health benefits.

When you choose dōTERRA you are choosing the best oils sourced from a network of global growers. We chose this model so that we can have plants that grow in their indiginous location for optimal composition and efficacy. dōTERRA is a cause driven company that ethicly and sustainably sources oils through their Co-Imapact Sourcing Initiative. Each batch of oils undergoes extensive testing by thrid-party labs and surpass USDA organic standards. The oils that are recognizably supirior as evidenced by the network of universities, medical professionals and studies that verify thier quality. Besides- they work, time and time again.

Teaching you how to use your oils safely is one of the tasks I take seriously.  Oils are powerful and potent. Oils without education doesn’t make sense.  That said, with some simple principles and good common sense anyone can use oils safely and effectively. There are three primary application methods for oils: aromatic, topical and internal.  I will help you get good resources, simple protocols and the right tools you need make your oil life simple and safe. Once you have begun I offer a privte facebook page for your support, webinars and ongoing support.  You will know how to get the most out of your oils!

The history of oils is rich and beautiful in the Catholic tradition. Dating back to biblical stories and God’s request for plants, oils, incense and aromas to be used for worship, to the traidition of St. Clement of Alexandria, St. Hildigard, to the full blown power of the sacramental chrism, oils are not something that Catholics should be concerned about using.  However rich and beautiful the tradition of the Church is in anointing oils, essential oils are not anointing oils.  They are for theraputic use and can be used to call to mind spiritual realities just a statues, pictures and icons can do.  Be careful though!! Essential oils have been taken, twisted and pulled into many New Age circles. The most important thing is to choose wisely who you will learn from.  Therefore, I invite you to learn more about the proper understanding and use of oils for Catholics who choose to use them and the unique opportunity to evangelize through sharing them. My promise to you is fidelity to the faith, theological scrutney by Dr. Peter Howard, STD (my husband) and ongoing veting of information against the New Age so that you can be sure to have truthful and well grounded support.

The most cost effective way to get your oils is to sign up as a wholesale customer. Just like a costco membership, this offers you a 25% discount on all your oils and you have the option to participate in the loyalty rewards program to earn free product credit and cash. I am most definatley willing to help you get your oils as inexpensively as possible.  

ASK ABOUT THE 150 A MONTH CLUB If you are interested in joining me in building an essential oils bussiness for your financial health as well as you’re phisical health, then be sure to check out this page and discover the pathways that exist for you. I ensure that you will have the best mentoring, the best training and the best community of fellow oilers possible.  The business has transformed our marriage and our ministry and we are hopeful that God has amazing plans for our team. People of all walks of faith are welcome to apply to work with us, but know that we will incorporate our Catholic faith throughout our business trainings and team activities. 

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Hosting a class in person (I’ll travel to you if your serious about setting up the event), on FACEBOOK or via a ZOOM video conference are all fun ways to deepen your knowledge of oils, share with those in your life that you want to know about oils and earn free product – or even cash.  If you simpley choose to refer your friends and family to me to work with one-on-one, I will be sure to offer you a referal bonus so that you can give and recieve all at the same time.


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