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ersonal coachin

With Chantal

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Let's create a successful path to holiness, health and freedom.

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 Are you ready for healthier habits?

Natural solutions for energy, wellness and rest.

Do you need help getting unstuck?

Experience mindset transformation.

Finding your purpose and vision?

Heal your fear of creating wealth.

Discovering new strategies for success?

Tune self-knowledge and leverage your strengths.

Looking for accountability?

Strategize, plan and hone your words.

Struggling to maintain right priorities?

Learn to communicate more effectively.

Ready for faith-filled inspiration?

Christ centered support that will last.

Desiring an attitude adjustment?

Learn about the gut-brain connection.

Need support launching your business as a mom?

Unpack practical strategies for success.

Searching for time and money freedom?

Discover what healthy residual income looks like.


Are you looking for someone who understands life, health and business through the lens of fidelity and faithful family living?

Let me walk with you for a time and champion you to the heights of your potential!


ow it work



One-on-one - Receive coaching in person, on the phone or by way of online Zoom meeting. This is the best options when there is change you desire and you want to get moving right away. Schedule when needed or choose a four session coaching package for consistent habit change and massive impact in your life, health, business and heart.



Weekly Inspiration- This is a FREE weekly opportunity to jump on a Zoom call with others and get coached or simply listen in as someone else is being coached. You can join in anonymously, ask questions and then apply what you learn. Life, health, relationships, faith, business, etc. Bring your topics to the call and let’s dive in.


Retreats - This option is for those who choose to step out of their current life for a few days to get a new perspective on what their life can be and how to create new results. I offer regularly scheduled retreats or retreats that are custom-designed according to the interests and desires of your parish, church, group, family, friends or co-workers.



The Lord wants you to multiply your talents and live a thriving life A MIDST THE STRUGGLE.