Daily Gospel Reflection for October 13, 2018

Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:27-28

As we celebrate the anniversary of the sun dancing at Fatima and Our Lady’s great messages to us, I can’t help but marvel at the perfect placement of today’s gospel in our calendar. The pain and trial of birthing and nurturing children into the world is meritorious to be sure! I think of Our Blessed Mother and her Fiat that set in motion her birth story and how tenderly she must have nursed the Word-made-flesh. Yet, every thing our Blessed Mother did was clothed in this truth of hearing and observing perfectly the Word of God – of making the Word become flesh in her gestures, words, actions, responses and behaviors.

How life-changing this glimpse is. I am called to make the Word become flesh in my own life. I am called to the revolutionary idea of bearing Christ to all those around me and nursing His mission to life in all I do and say. For me, today’s Gospel challenges me to renew my love of soaking in the Scriptures. I am reminded of the powerful efficacy of praying the the rosary and spending time before the Eucharist so that I can see with divine eyes and I can allow the truths of prayer to linger with me. I want to respond to other’s critiques with the beatitude of Christ. I want to persevere to the end, like our Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross. I want to crusade for the dignity, worth and value of every human being I encounter with the penetrating love of the Father for His prodigal children.

Today, Our Lady of Fatima reveals our potential to be blessed along side of her as we seek to to make the Word manifest in our lives.


How are we hearing the Word of God in our lives and what are we doing to observe it?


Lord Jesus, thank You for the example of Your Blessed Mother who reveals to us our hope and our ability to become holy as we seek to hear Your Word and live it.

Chantal Howard