I know that you have lots of choices out there. New companies show up daily trying to catch the wave. Maybe you already have oils, but aren’t getting the results you want? I started using bargain brand oils at first. When it comes to wanting therapeutic health benefits. Quality really matters. When our family started using oils – we had break through after break through.

I am confident in saying that no other oils come close in comparison to these oils and the company they are sourced through. Discover why I chose dōTERRA.

dōTERRA tests well beyond industry standard each batch of oils 7 different ways. This ensures that our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard is not just a marketing distinction- it means our oils are free from fillers, artificial ingredients, chemical substitutes, contaminants and surpass USDA organic standards.  This gives me great assurance.

  • The harvesting practices are ethical and based off of a model of subsidiarity, helping to support local agriculture and artisan practices. They source their oils from around the world in their environment where each plant grows the best and they only harvest when the timing is perfect. The network of exclusive growers, scientists and researchers is unique to explore. I like knowing that the oils I use are so thoughtfully produced.

  • dōTERRA has a powerful humanitarian focus.  They work to support families around the world through the Healing Hands Foundation. This is such a beautiful element of what I get to be a part of when I buy oils.  

  • The culture of pro-family, pro-marriage, self-reliance, and integrity is unmatched in my experience.  The leadership of this company is solid and well balanced.  I have spent personal time with each of the executive team and have drilled them with the hard questions and found profound servant leadership and honesty.



Last but not least, the oils are a beautiful portal into a world of essential oil inspired products and good lifestyle choices! Use them to clean, cook and even support nutrition.  I am so grateful to be raising my family with natural remedies and an awareness of how to care for their bodies.  I hope you will discover the unique power of dōTERRA supplements.  Listen to what my friend Sara says about . . .